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Questions and Answers about SendMail

Q: I wand to add my own message in the mail. Is it possible?
A: You can set "Templ" parameter for use your own message as an template which you save from another mail program.

Q: I use NT server in my intranet and I use a direct channel for access to Internet. After starting this program I see this message : "Initialization of dinamic link library rasapi32.dll failed.The process is terminating abnormally". But I don't use Remote access service. How can I normally start this program?
A: Indeed, the version 1.201 try to initialize Remote access service during starting, even if this feature will not use. You can get 1.22 version whith don't load this library if it isn't necessary.

Q: If it possible to send a mail by this program at night when my Internet provider gives discount?
A: You can use WakeUp feature in Settings file where you can write a time for sending.

Q: Must I use the Settings file?
A: No you must't. The Settings file allow you set up additional parameters.If you don't use modem for connection with mail server then you can use only command prompt parameters.

Q: I want to send a 1.8 Mb size file and mail server can get 2.0 Mb mail, but error occured during sending. Why?
A: When file is attached to the message the size of message will be size of file and 1/3 of size of file. Becouse of it is 7-bit symbol coding. In your case size of your message exceed  admited size of message. You have to devide your file for example by arj.exe and use Multi=ON and SendDelay=15  parameters in Settings file for sending every part by different message with 15 minutes delayind. In this case receiver can empty his mail box till next message will be sended.

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